Formula Car Challenge Champions 2019

For the last two years, I have been professionally coaching a driver John Purcell in the Formula Car Challenge championship. John acquired a Pro Formula Mazda in 2018 after a successful test at Thunderhill with World Speed Motorsports. John hired me to help him enhance his driving skills and understanding of racing dynamics. We worked on braking and the conservation of momentum with brake release and tire loading.

We started the 2018 FCC season late and was already behind in the championship. John took well to the PFM and we quickly got our first race win at Thunderhill coupled with many more at Sonoma, Buttonwillow, and Portland. We reeled in the championship leader and used the championship throw outs to go into the second to final round at Laguna with a small points lead and a chance at the champonship. Sadly John went off in turn 5 and that ended that years championship push. John really progressed under my guidance and we knew that 2019 would be our year.

2019 went to plan with even more progression in John’s driving skill. On aspect that we worked on in 2018 was race craft and how to setup up clean overtakes. He used these new found skills very well as he made many great passes for wins over the season. We took 9 wins over the season and wrapped up the championship at Laguna Seca. It was a abosolute pleasure working with John in the PFM and know we look to 2020 and the Formula Regional F3 series.